Wednesday, June 29, 2005

GPZ update 1...

Rode the GPZ to work yesterday. First problem, no luggage space, so I had to use my backpack and stuff my laptop, document etc into it. Damn heavy lar. Second problem, engine heat. Hot baby!! DAMN hot!! The heat from the engine is blowing right at my legs. At low speed, it not very comfy. Had to keep it above 90kmh to get some decent cooling from the wind -not an easy feat in KL traffic, mind you.

But, those we're my only complaints.

The ride to work was... fast, and overtaking was a breeze. On the highway, other vehicle seem to be on snail mode. The GPZ is also narrower than my regular ride, so lane splitting was much easier. Great for mornings when you oversleep! I too a longer route home so I can get a good go with the bike on the NKVE. Suffice to say, I got home with a silly grin on my face. Not bad for a 20yr old bike.

Riding position takes a bit getting use to as it is totally different from my cruiser. But after a while, you kinda get used to it.

Couple of scary moment though. Brakes aren't as good as I like them to be, so, there were a few minor "oh shit!" moments.

Will keep you guys updated on my saddle time on the GPZ. So far, so good...


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