Thursday, June 30, 2005

I am pissed off...

Asrin Mohsin passed away yesterday.

It seams that news like this gets flashed in our dailies more and more these days. Senseless murder, rape, robberies etc. I always read such news with a tinge of sadness and fear as to how unsafe our country is turning into. But this particular incident strikes a raw nerve and pissed me off...

You see, Asrin's death was a result of being brutally beaten by a "motorcycle gang" comprising on youths. The term "motorcycle gangs" have always had a outlaw ring to it. The image of burly rowdy tatooed men in leathers riding Harleys come to mind. Members of the Hells Angels MC in the USA has been linked with drugs and crime by the FBI and the media (incl. many movies) has portrayed bikers in a bad light.

Here, the "motorcycle gang" are usually a bunch of youth on small cc motorbikes or mopeds, typically modified mopeds or 125 - 150cc bikes emmiting clouds of smoke and noise. Go to Bangsar, Damansara Utama or Dataran Merdeka on weekend nights (or early morning) and you can almost always see them hanging around. I've seen them riding reckessly in packs, terrorising other motorist (esp. if they see young ladies driving alone), racing illegally and pulling stupid stunts on public roads.

Increasingly, a number of these motorcycle gangs have been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Remember the incident where a petrol station owner was brutally beaten to death by a motorcycle gang? I cannot forget the watching the news clip of a illegal racer knocking down a cop in a roadblock. Also, numerous reports about illegal racing, illegal stunts, crimes commited by these motorcycle gangs etc. etc.

There was also one incident that happened to a biking buddy. She (yes, a she) was riding at night in KL with her sister who was visiting from Japan (they're both expats) and was asking for directions to KLCC. Unfortunately, she asked a group of youth on motorcycles, about 10 of them, who so "kindly" agreed to lead them there. Instead of KLCC, they were led to the dark roads in Bukit Tunku and were beaten and robbed. Thank God they were not raped or murdered.

Imagine, 10 guys beating up 2 girls. Really pisses me off just thinking about it again...

And now, this had to happen. Will Asrin be just another headline? just another victim? a number to a statistic? This goes beyond seeking justice and punishing the lower-than-scums that did this to Asrin. Heck, if I had it my way, I'd punish them to death in the same manner that they murdered Asrin. But, the bigger issue here is the state of our society today that produces such youths. Where are their sense of right and wrong? responsibility? accountability? morals? value of human life? Where were their parents in their up bringing?

Too many questions, too little answers.

And I am sooo pissed off...


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