Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Popped by The Snark's blog today and saw this...

Cheh wah... summore same category with Mack Zul...

Hey Snark, thanks. If you're reading this, sorry I couldn't make it that day. Tried calling your mobile but it was off. Catch up with you soon and ride safe mate!


Had a "horny" incident this morning...

Was on my way to work this morning. Thoought its going to be just another normal day. But no... today was extra normal.

Straight 4 lane road, me on the left lane and mongrel driving an altis on the right. Mongrel was about 10 metres in front of me, and traffic was pretty clear. Road led to an underpass with turn off on the left. Mongrel started to slowed down as we approach the underpass/turn off. Instinctively, I slowed down expecting the altis to cut left to get on the turn off road. Mongrel started to move into my lane (without using the turn signal - normal lah...), then suddenly swerves back into his lane.

Hmmm... ok, mongrel must have mistaken the turn off. So, I started accelerating again.

Then, the light bulb in mongrel's pea brain must have lit and went "duh... it is my turn off lah... duh..." and proceeded to swerve across my lane into the turn off. At that point in time, I was right behind his car, still accelerating.

*Oh shit*

Release throttle, squeeze front brakes, tap rear brake, depressed horn... all at the same time.

My left thumb was on the horn for quite a while. Quite a long while...

Stupid mongrel. Should be shot to prevent him from reproducing more mongrel drivers like him...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kick down...

An incident this morning...

I was at a petrol station this morning filling up my bike. As I was finishing up and getting ready to pull out, I saw something that caught my attention.

There was another bike pulling out on my right. Blue Modenas Jaguh. Something was amiss. I could see that his kickstand was still down!

Now, most bikes these days have a safety switch at the kickstand. Heck, even the GPZ that I'm currently babysitting, which is 21 yrs old, has a safety switch. What this switch does is, it prevents the bike from starting with its gear engage. If you tried to ride with the kickstand down, the engine will cut off. This is a good thing, coz, if you ride off with the kick stand down, and turn left:

1. if you're lucky, you'll just create heaps of sparks, wobble a bit, but still remain upright.

2. if you're not, the stand will hit the ground, lift your rear tyre and throw you off the bike.

So, not wanting to see a fellow biker kiss the tarmac (plus, crashing in rush hour traffic increases your risk of getting run over after falling off), I quickly pulled out of the petrol station and gave chase.

As soon as I caught up with the blue Jaguh, I started honking my horn and pointing at his bike. The guy gave me a puzzled look. I kept pointing at his bike and my bike's kickstand hoping he understands. But, still a puzzled look. This went on for a few seconds until the road we were on split. He was on the left and I was on the right and we parted ways.

He still had that puzzled look when I pulled away. I hope he did not have to turn left anytime soon...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Birthday song...

Was out at my porch washing my bike last friday evening. Neighbourhood was quiet except for this family a few houses down.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you....."

Ah... how nice. A birthday party. A middle aged couple with young children lived there. They must be celebrating one of their kid's birthday. Nothing unusual about it until the mother started singing..

Happy birthday to you
You were born in the zoo
with the monkeys and donkeys
Happy birthday to you!!
Again, nothing really unusual. When I was young(er), whenever a classmate/friend had birthday party, we usually sing this version to tease the birthday boy/girl and everybody would have a good laugh (lame I know, but we were kids then mah...)

But the thought of a mother singing that she gave birth to her child in a zoo left me dumbfounded.

And from the way she was laughing after that, I don't think she got it...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Watch your butt...

If you're gonna smoke while you drive, a word of advise - don't throw the butt out the car.

However, if you still insist on throwing your butt out the car, please make sure there is no motorcycle beside or behind you.

Coz, if your butt hit me or my bike, my boots will hit your side mirror.

Thank you.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Table manners...

Witnessed a very interesting incident over the weekend.

Had dinner at Friday's in One Utama on Sunday. I like Friday's. Like the casual atmosphere, good fajitas and friendly waiting staff. Great place for a hearty meal (not so good for the heart!!) and to chill out. Also a nice place to bring you family for a meal and they are currently having a free kids meal promotion for kids under 12yrs.

So there I was, seated at the non smoking section. It was a busy night. Place was full, and the other tables we're mainly filled with families having a nice Sunday dinner out. If you want a quiet place to eat and chat, this is not it. Most tables had young children (probably due to the promotion), so its a little noisier than usual.

However, there was this particular bunch of kids running around the restaurant, having a good time. I mean, they were REALLY having a good time. Running up and down the ENTIRE non smoking section, knocking into the waiting staff, kicking chairs and tables along the way, laughing loudly, screeching and screaming in excitement. These kids were WILD. It got to a point where other patrons were getting pretty annoyed. I was getting annoyed.

Usually, when kids start getting wild, the parents will do something about it. I mean, if I were to do what this kids did when I was at their age, I'd probably get a good smacking right on the spot. The parents at the other tables seem the have their kids well controlled and well behaved. So, there we all were, waiting for the parent to do something.

Nada, ziltch, nothing happened.

I looked around the restaurant looking to spot the parents, and found them seated on the other side of the section. Looked like they were having a big family gathering. The grand parents were there with 2 adult couples. Upper class type, from the way there were dressed. The table seems to be having a good time themselves. The maid was there as well, but she wasn't much help.

By this time, the kids just brought their already high noise level up one notch. They started popping the balloons that they had. They thought is was funny. Nobody else did.

Still... nothing from the parents.

One table, a family with 3 teenage kids, got pretty annoyed and I don't blame them. The balloon popping fest was just next to their table. The man complained to the maid and asks her to herd the kids elsewhere. You can see that he is very annoyed, but still politely got his request across to the maid.

However, the poor maid couldn't do a thing. You can tell that the rugrats are spoilt and probably bullies the poor maid around the house. So, the man complained to one of the waiters. The waiter apologised and offered to relocate them to another table.

By this time, rugrats' mom got wind of the complaint. Typically, you would expect the parents, at this stage, to go "Oh shit. Kids are misbehaving. Better get them in line". But no, mom got into a bitchy fit. With here upper class air, she barked,

"Go home lar... if they don't like it here, go home lar... its a public restaurant"

Followed by a remark to her tablemates,

"What's THEIR problem?!?!?"

Doesn't it makes you wanna stand up, walk over and b*tch slap the woman? So I did.

Ok, I didn't lar... didn't wanna make a scene and spend some jail time. But, her remark kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. And, she kinda purposely and pompously raised her voice when making the remarks so that it can be heard by the table that complained (and by the whole section of the restaurant too!). Some people have a wrong concept on what one can do in a public restaurant, or a public place. Being a public place doesn't mean you or your kids can do whatever they want.

But, being a public place, apparently you can:

1. show what a shitty parent you are
2. show that money doesn't buy you good manners and attitude

Don't even get me started on where the father was in all this. Suffice to say, he was more interested in his meal than his kids.

Also, if I do recall my law classes from uni, a restaurant is actually deemed a private establishment (any lawyers out there that want to clarify?). If the restaurant manager had any balls, he would have gone up to the offending parent, and would politely asked them to keep their kids in control as they are disturbing his other patrons.

He didn't, and I found out why. Apparently, the restaurant manager is friends with the other couple on the table. At least the other couple had the decency to apologise to the manager for the trouble when he came over to their table.

After a while, the party left and I enjoyed the rest of my dinner in peace.

The "problem" is YOU, lady.... for being an irresponsible parent and a stupid inconsiderate human being.