Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Small victory...

Today I had lunch at my regular food court again. Still slightly ticked off over the price hike, I ordered my regular pork noodles (creature of habit I am...). The stall guy gave me a big grin and happily told me that they have reduced the price back to normal.

Wohoo!! A small victory for the joe-public-consumer!

But somehow, I have this sinking feeling we're losing the war....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blardee Ell'...

Today, I went for lunch at my regular food court. Ordered my regular pork noodles. Noodles was served and I pass the guy a tenner and he returned me my change.. RM5.50.

"Ahh?? hei kar ah?" (What?? Price increase ar?)

"Hai lor. Chin pow ee tow too hei kar" (Yes lor. Everything here also increase price)

Bugger. My noodles used to cost me RM4.00. Now with this increase in fuel, everything is going up up up up... except salary.

Blardee ell'.... >:-(